‘Guesthouse an der Stadtmauer’

The ‘an der Stadtmauer’ is unique to Mühlhausen in being a ‘guesthouse’ at a 3-star hotel standard, right in the heart of the town: cozy and comfortable accommodation for your stay in Mühlhausen, lovingly decorated, yet very affordable. The ‘guesthouse’ Hotel an der Stadtmauer welcomes you!

Hotel rooms at guesthouse prices

Pension Mühlhausen Preis

Double-Room ‘Guesthouse’ Rates

  • 1 night: €29 per person (without breakfast)
  • From 3 nights: €27 per person (without breakfast)
  • From 7 nights: €23 per person (without breakfast)
  • From 28 nights: €15 per person (without breakfast)

Single-Room ‘Guesthouse’ Rates

  • 1 night: €39 (without breakfast)
  • From 3 nights: €35 (without breakfast)
  • From 7 nights: €33 (without breakfast)
  • From 28 nights: €19 (without breakfast)

Book Guesthouse Room

Your guesthouse rooms in Muehlhausen are ready for reservation, but always in high demand, so make sure you book early. Submit your booking request now via our online form. You will receive a confirmation email presently.